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Vertilux OneBlind system offers a clear advantage to the standard option of multiple blinds being capable of spanning up to 12 metres with no fabric splits. Equipped with the ability to control an enormous amount of light & temperature simultaneously is advantageous for optimising glare and thermal protection.

In addition, OneBlind can be easily integrated with building automation systems including lighting, climate control and audio-visual systems for the ultimate in convenience and energy control. It might look like magic, but it’s actually just a brilliant design.

A classic window covering choice, the 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind compacts neatly for minimal stacking bulk.

Vertilux 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind System differ slightly from our other Venetian Blinds in that they operate using two sets of cords instead of the traditional wand. One set of cords is used to tilt the blind, while the other is used to open and close slats.

Offering excellent light and shade control, the Vertilux 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind System is ideal for large span windows.

The Vertilux Cedarline Venetian Blind System is a classic blind choice made from the highest quality genuine natural cedar. Available in 46mm, 60mm and 84mm width slats, they complement contemporary as well as period and heritage homes, adding warm, natural texture to any interior space.

Cedarline Venetian Blinds are easy to operate and offer total light control. Clean lines and unobtrusive ladder tape enhance the overall effect.

Vertilux Cedarline Venetian Blinds are finished using UV fade resistant oil and lacquer. To highlight natural grain, slats are evenly graded and vacuum coated in a single pass to ensure all four sides of each slat have a completely even finish.

Vertilux cedar is aerated and naturally dried prior to manufacture, increasing its attractiveness and durability. It exceeds Australian standards for colourfastness and fade resistance.

Cedarline Venetian Blind Systems are easily installed and include a timber headbox for a uniform finish. Accessories are colour coordinated.

Vertilux Timberline Venetian Systems are made from 3mm thick Abachiwood in a range of pre-finished colours. Available in 50mm width slats, they complement contemporary as well as period and heritage homes, adding warm, natural texture to any interior space.

Timberline Venetian Blind Systems are easily installed and offer colour coordinated accessories.

The Vertilux Techwood Venetian Blinds are used as an economical alternative to the traditional timber/cedar Venetian Blind range. Completely washable, this product will not absorb moisture and is suitable for wet and humid areas including bathrooms and kitchens.  Techwood Venetian Blinds come in two blade widths, 50mm and 63mm.

Made from PVC co-extrusion, they are elegant, durable and the perfect alternative solution, as the need arises.

The body of our Pleated/Duopleat system type is made of lightweight fabric, which will compact into a narrow stack giving it an elegant and minimalistic look when totally opened. The Vertilux Pleated Blind System is especially suited to very large blinds, which would be impossible using other blind types such as Venetians.

Easy to install and requiring no maintenance, Pleated Blind System are energy efficient and will contribute to a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Vertilux Pleated and Duopleat Blind Systems include colour coordinated extruded aluminium head-rails, base rails and associated componentry such as control cords.

Adjust the solid vertical blades of Sheerscreen® to a fully opened position thus allowing the ability to see through the sheer voile fabric that is attached to the vertical blades. Or adjust to a position suitable for the desired light control until the solid blades are closed giving full privacy. Thereby allowing for a full range of light control options.

The Vertilux Sheerview® Blind System is both Venetian and Roller Blind in the one blind. Making it one of the most innovative and versatile window covering systems for both residential and commercial settings.

Ideal for widths of up to 2740mm, the Sheerview® system offers excellent insulation properties plus reduction of glare and harmful UV rays.

Sheerview® system blinds are easy to install and operate. Cord operated, they may be adjusted to suit changing light control requirements. And, despite their delicate appearance, are sturdy and durable. Sheerview® system blinds stack neatly, like a Venetian blind, into colour coordinated head-boxes, which efficiently hides the blind when fully lifted.