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Below is a list of current fabrics for Metro Hoods, Panel Glides, Rollers, Romans, and Verticals.
The list contains supplier, max width, product grouping, and GSM information.

Roller Fabric Selection MAY 2022
  • Fabric Selection Chart Last updated: 10/05/2022 12:45pm
Vertical Fabric Selection MAY 2022
  • Vertical Fabric Selection Chart Last updated: 10/05/2022 12:46pm

Click on the links below to visit any of the suppliers listed above:

BlindwareBricosFour FamiliesHunter DouglasLouvoliteNolan UDAOrissaShannShawTexstyleUnilineWilson Fabrics


Below is a list of fabrics and options for Arena Honeycombs.

20200225-Fabric Selection Honeycomb
  • Honeycomb Fabric Selection/Option Chart Last updated: 25/02/2020 12:15pm

You can visit the Bricos/Turnils website and use their product filter for selecting fabric by clicking on the image below.

Arena Honeycomb Fabric


Below is the all inclusive list of fabrics for Louvolite Visage Blinds.

    • Visage Fabric Chart – Last updated: 16/08/2021

You can visit the Louvolite website and use their ‘Product Filter/Visage blind’ option to see the fabric or use the image below for quick reference.


Below is a list of the fabrics for Louvolite Vision Blinds.

  • Vision Fabric Chart – Last updated: 16/08/2021

The 2017 Vision Fabric/Colour range is reproduced below for your convenience.
A few colours are missing from the Australian Louvolite site but we’ll add/link them as soon as they become available.

(Best viewed on large screen)

Amalfi Chalk

Amalfi Cotton

Amalfi Jet

Amalfi Mink

Amalfi Oatmeal

Amalfi Toffee

Capri Black

Capri Grey

Capri Ice

Capri Ivory

Capri Mink

Capri Sand

Capri Colour Jade

Capri Colour Navy

Capri Colour Ochre

Capri Colour
Paradise Green

Capri Colour
Scarlet Red

Capri Colour
Sunset Orange

Florence Maple

Florence Oak

Florence Teak

Florence Walnut

Milan Ivory

Milan Sand

Milan Taupe

Milan White

Naples Bisque

Naples Ecru

Naples Shadow

Naples Taupe

Naples Truffle

Roma Caramel

Roma Chocolate

Roma Latte

Roma Vanilla

Sicily Flint

Sicily Maize

Sicily Pebble

Sicily Sandstone

Sicily Shale

Siena Biscuit

Siena Charcoal

Siena Cream

Siena Pewter

Siena White

Sorrento Luna

Sorrento Sahara

Tuscany Ebony

Tuscany Ivory

Tuscany Mink

Tuscany White

Venice Black

Venice Gold

Venice Silver

Venice White

Verona Black

Verona Copper

Verona Gold

Verona Platinum

Verona White