To our valued customers….
As per our previous email in regards to supplier communications, quality and supply issues with some of our fabric ranges, we will issue smaller newsletters with updates for your reference. Because there has been deafening silence on their end (please note, some, not all), we will now become that annoying, nagging customer to those suppliers to get accurate delivery dates and colour/range deletions before they happen. If any issues arise, we will then contact you with the information so you and your client can make an informed decision about the choice of fabric. This will hopefully assist to make life easier for ALL of us all.

So… on with the news….

SHAW FABRIC – Palm Beach Blockout Update

Unfortunately, no favourable update is available.
The quality issue holding back the delivery of stock is still ongoing and we have not been given a date in the near future as to when it will be released. We will keep you posted with details as they come.
**Please note that the Palm Beach Light Filter (translucent) is not affected**

HUNTER DOUGLAS / MERMET – Right, now the list…

❖ Seychelles Plus, the colour WILLOW is discontinued – please remove this from your swatch
❖ Keram and Pravada ranges in both B/O & L/F have now been discontinued
❖ Scarborough B/O & L/F – massive shakeup of colours, currently waiting for new swatches to arrive

TEXSTYLE – Metroshade

Please check your Metroshade swatch – If you don’t have colours like Moonstone, Ecru and Nougat (among others) then you have the old swatch – please call us for an updated one.

SHANN – Motif B/O & L/F
Brand Spanking New

So new that we were only told about it 5 minutes ago!!!
oooohh…. gorgeous … think Scarborough, think old Daintree… think Group 2 for B/O and Group 1 for L/F!!! This new Jacquard weave fabric from Shann is a delight to look at. It complements contemporary interior design with neutral colours perfect for rollers and panel glides.
6 colours in B/O & 3 in L/F, the swatches will be available very soon……

Now this is some great news … with a big twist at the end….
well not really a twist, more of a KA-BOOM moment!

The Louvolite One-Touch 700 series battery operated motor is now one of our stock items!!

o Ideal for the elderly as it is easy to use, for kids’ rooms as it is totally child safe and in windows where it is almost impossible to install a child safety tensioner (e.g. porcelain tiles in the kitchen)
o Right or Left hand reverse roll operation
o Uses standard AA batteries
o Weight capacity of 2.4kgs with a maximum width of 2.2m or drop of 2.4m (depending on fabric weight)

Now the ‘KA-BOOM’…… While Louvolite crunched numbers, we did some prodding and the price has come down by more than half! (oh yeah…we thought you’d like that one) Call us when you want to talk, we’ll be here.

Until next time, cheers from the team at CBC xx

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