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After Tuesday, even the calendar goes “WTF??”


…well… barring the one in February that shouted out to the world that the Complete Blinds Website was now up and running and full of wonderful information that could be useful to you with constantly updated fabric selection chart and optional extras to add value to your client’s decorative wishes as well as technical details for installers such as instructions for deducting measurements and even for those pesky motor programming duties! Fun? Oh, yes!

Kate’s shout!!

Lederhosen for everybody!!!!!

We* joined a group from the Australian Window Furnishing industry and flew in to Stuttgart, Germany on 22nd February.  Oh, my lordy, lord peoples!!!……there was huge amounts of drinking and singing and partying until we could do no more….  But once we got off the plane it was back to the serious business of hunting for the future of our window industry in Australia.

*When we say WE, we don’t actually mean WE… it means KATE. The rest of WE drove back from the airport and unpacked our bags after listening to Kate reminding us of our divine mission statement… that we are to stay behind to look after every one of our highly valued and adored customers and to make sure they want for nothing like we always do…. 😊
Using any opportunity for fine-tuning our business goals for the visit to the R+T Expo.
Luxury accommodation in Stuttgart† …
† for other people, we had the bus… this was a pre-organised bathroom stop…
One of the many legit stands we did actually visit.

Kate’s version of the event: “Stuttgart was an eye opener because it made us realise that us Aussies are up there with the rest of the world in our window furnishing tastes!!! There was definitely new stuff that we are looking into and a lot of the gadgets that we use in our products have been fine tuned to enhance their performance in the daily grind of the real world. We have come back re-energised and excited about the future with loads of information…. The standouts for me was Rollease Acmeda’s Aero System displays (we already have these up and running!! Yay!!) AND their collaboration with Amazon Alexa to give you all the control that you want in a home to make life easier. Oh…and just quietly…. Louvolite launched a new blind at the expo for those who are looking for the newest trends … ’Allusion’, a vertical crossed with sheer fabrics that is perfect for bi-folding doors or the larger windows. My favourite thing about this blind is the ‘allusion’ of being able to walk through closed blinds… magical!!!! (check out their Facebook page for a video on this – so we are definitely onto this one. I could go on about it but I was only given a small box to write in and can’t fit in all the details from the trip as I am running out of r



The good news is an exciting new addition to the Duo Fabric range.!!

Introducing the Duo Light range…
At 2800mm wide, it comes in three neutral colours:
Bright White, Warm White and Mid Grey.
Complimenting the Duo Block and Duo Screen, the family is now complete!


Not to be outdone by Shaw, Texstyles have revealed that the Jersey fabric range is now available in both blockout and light filter… delicate yarns intricately woven give rise to Jersey, a fabric collection inspired by more traditional textile design methods.
Go on… look at the seven new fabric colours and their specifications, you know you want to…

Hunter Douglas Update

Not to be outdone by Texstyles trying to outdo Shaw, HD have also introduced two new fabrics, Petra Blockout and Linna Blockout & Light Filter. The Australian made Petra range includes Osprey, Shimmer and Symphony which are marine-ish-green-ish-like muted colours. The also Australian made Linna has the metal-ish-nuetral-ish like colours like Armour, Gravel and a couple of light colours (tried not to get technical on you but…)
Also, big news on the Villa fabric range… it is no longer called Villa, it has now been dissolved into the Zen range. The Villa colours have a direct equivalent in Zen so contact us for information.

Watch this Four Families space…

A new fabric range from Basford Four Families is going to hit the streets at the end of April. Keep an eye out for the Tasman!
This new range has fabric with an irregular horizontal pattern which is eye-catching yet also, subtle… it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual.
AND the pricing is easy on the eye as well with 9 colours in block-out and 3 in the light filter.
Colours currently in stock are the Ice, Beech, Platinum, Shadow and Domino in block-out and Ice in the light filter. Swatches to be available in the next few weeks.
Check it out!

***You seriously need to drop everything and call

for swatches, if you haven’t already***

Wilson Fabrics

have announced that due to ongoing quality issues, the Zara fabric range is now discontinued. Only very limited stock is available so it would be best to remove your swatches to avoid selection.

Shaw at Home Screen

This fabric range has sadly been discontinued as of, like, now.
EXTREMELY limited stock available.
So please don’t count on getting old stock……. talk to us for similar products that may suit.


have also announced that the following ranges & colours have been deleted from their list;
Savonna:, Clovelly and Opus – Full ranges are discontinued
Centro: Barley, Stone & Dark Grey
Palau: Linen BO & Dusk L/F

Hunter Douglas

have announced that the following colours have been deleted from their range;
Net Series: Charcoal Apricot, Bronze & Linen
RR Series: Charcoal Sand, Linen Pearl & Mid Grey
DL Screen: Dusk, Sable Mid Bronze & Tan Stone
EScreen: Energy, Pearl Linen & Uber
Simbel BO & LF: Natural Stone, Moroccan Dusk & Sesame

And now for our semi-regular newsletter column, what I like to call…

“Us taking another one for the team/s”

As most of you already know, we are always trying to bring down costs for you across the board. So as from 1st April 2018 (Everybody sit down and stay calm! This not an April Fool’s joke. I repeat, this is not a joke……), there will be an addition to the CBC Panel Glide grouping in the price list;

Introducing the all new and sparkling

Panel Glide Super Special Group!!

All your “love-you-long-time” SS favs are here – Vibe, N-Vision, Duo Block, etc.

Call us for more information!

Disclaimer: Picture of gun is for illustration purposes only. As Annette said, “Ha! That’s not a gun!”

Here we go….CBC Team Members Spotlight

In this month’s episode, wave and say hello to Annette!! Ah…our ’Annie’ or ‘Nettie’ or ‘Yes Ma’am, right now Ma’am, No! Don’t hit me Ma’am’. You cannot get anyone more straight up and down like our favourite Vertical guru. Flown in fresh every day from the lands of Cockawoopwoopdiddy, she is here for all your vertical dreams. Whatever your heart desires…. straight up she’ll tell you if you need special help…

Nettie ….
• Likes listening to Cold Chisel with some reasonably priced wine and her pet three-legged goat.
• Likes taking the kids to the new playground up the street from the old one… they are forever crossing the road to get to the other slide (cough, cough).
• Loves educating the local girl guide clubs on SAVE THE WHALES, an environmental issue that is close to her heart. She lectures the groups on how to properly stack them in the garage.

So, to all the Damen und Herren out there,

Gesundheit until next time xx

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